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Re: New to mud

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Posted by Zonie on June 18, 2022 at 15:55:15

In Reply to: New to mud posted by JustaTeen on June 18, 2022 at 12:20:42:

If you want to get clothing muddy without it being obvious after laundering, go with darker colors, particularly those that are a close match to the color of the mud. I have a tan shirt that has been muddy many times, but it's not obvious to the casual observer, because it's close to the same color as the mud anyway. You definitely want to stay away from anything white. If, for example, you get a white T-shirt muddy, it will never look white again despite repeated trips through the washer.

The weight of a lot of sticky mud also places a stress on the fabric, so you'll want to wear something thick and strong, and jeans are ideal for that. Getting blue jeans muddy will make them fade a bit after laundering, but it doesn't usually leave obvious and permanent stains, so they won't be considered "ruined."

A light and thin garment can definitely get torn in mud, so you want to avoid that.

I personally usually wear my work overalls, but someone your age probably doesn't have something like that, and they can be a bit pricey. They can definitely put up with the punishment of getting muddy though.

Socks are definitely an element of vulnerability. Spending a day hiking in deep mud will often doom my socks. What I sometimes do is save old socks that are torn and wear those just for going through mud. White socks, of course, will never be white again if the mud is deep enough to get inside your boots, as often happens during my mud romps.

The problem with leather footwear is that it will often shrink if you get it completely muddy and wet. They way to avoid this is that after you wash the leather shoes or boots off, wear them while they are still damp until your body heat dries them. That way they'll mold to the shape of your foot better.

In terms of shrinking, cheaper tends to be better. Those work boots that are made mostly of synthetic materials tend to be the cheaper ones, and they won't shrink as much. Rubber boots are, of course, designed for mud, but some people find them uncomfortable. As far as sneakers go, the old style cloth ones of the mid 20th Century style are probably better than the modern ones that are mostly leather because of the shrinkage issue. If they are a darker color mud stains won't be as obvious. Some military surplus stores still sell jungle boots, and these are ideal for mud, because they are mostly cloth, tend to be dark colored, and have small eyelets on the side to drain excess water from the inside of the boot.

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