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Re: New to mud

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Posted by LeviLovR on June 18, 2022 at 17:26:07

In Reply to: Re: New to mud posted by Zonie on June 18, 2022 at 15:55:15:

Totally agree with everything Zonie said.

Jeans and sneakers are a good start. However there are a lot of factors to consider. How deep is the mud? What consistency is the mud? Just how muddy do you plan to get? Remember once you start and you get into the mud you may like it and go farther than you originally intended. What about cleanup after? Where and how will you wash the mud off?

From my personal experience I have never had a problem ruining jeans in the mud. Ultimately it will fade them a degree or two but they are wearable afterward and no one knows the difference. I have found that mud will occasionally clog the zipper and that's a bit of a dilemma and I prefer to wear button fly jeans if getting muddy. As Zonie said anything white will never be truly white again and will always have a brownish/grayish tinge that will be there for the rest of time. Doesn't mean it cant be worn again if you want to but it will never be the same. As Zonie also said darker colors clean up better than lighter ones. I would not wear new white sneakers into the mud.

Also, I like to get muddy from head to toe and I have found that mud gets inside your clothes as well as on the outside and they have to be turned inside out and rinsed thoroughly before ever going in a washing machine. Mud will get in your pockets and they will have to be turned inside out as well. But you may not get as muddy as i do. Maybe you just want to roll in a puddly or lay down in some briefly.

Here's my suggestion. If you have some old jeans and sneakers that you don't care about I would wear them first, but it sounds like you don't. So go to a thrift/second hand place and buy yourself a whole outfit including a shirt of some kind. It will be cheap, so the clothes can be thrown away afterward with no regrets if you want. You will find out whether you like the experience or not and if you want to go further and try more things in the future.

In all honesty most of the clothing I have worn in mud I have been able to salvage and wear again. Jeans have always come out great and been able to be worn anywhere. Other things have not, but they can be saved to be worn in the mud again. I have had some items rip and tear and they had to be tossed afterwards.

So for the first time go with old, cheap and disposable. New and expensive is risky with questionable results. You will know more after you've tried it.

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