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Re: New to mud

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Posted by LeviLovR on June 18, 2022 at 21:50:17

In Reply to: Re: New to mud posted by Zonie on June 18, 2022 at 20:30:26:

You don't state your age but I take it you are quite young and your parents buy all your clothes and anything you want. You don't have much money of your own but that is the good thing about thrift/second hand stores - they don't cost very much when you buy stuff. Prices can vary and as Zonie said I think you could probably ride your bike to one quite easily. You might want to go to one and look around, see what they have and how much things cost. You don't have to buy, just window shop. If you still think you can't afford the merchandise then start saving up for it or start working for it. All the suit coats I ever wore in mud came from thrift stores and usually cost under $5. The thing to remember about these thrift shops is that the merchandise changes on a regular basis - here today gone tomorrow. Believe me with the economy being the way it is now lots of people will be shopping at thrift stores. Many already do and they are people you might even know.

Clearly your biggest worry is what your parents will think. I can't say but there is always the possibility they won't care at all, especially if you buy things with your own money and you do the cleanup and your own laundry. As for what others may think they won't care at all. Seeing a young man playing football in the mud is very common and there will likely be a bunch of you doing so.

You need to hear more from some other people like Ry, our resident Wacky Wet teenager who gets wet and muddy all the time and Robert who has two boys who enjoy it as well. The hardest part is taking that first step and your fears are normal. We have all had them. We all support you!

Good luck!

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