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New to mud

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Posted by JustaTeen on June 19, 2022 at 19:25:01

I am already excited and scared for my first spontaneous mudding. I would love to know some other teens/adolescents to what they experienced.

I understand that it is different for everyone. Like my parents always tell me not to go running when it rains and try not to get dirty. But I think I might get away with it if I just play with friends or if they aren't home.

I see that some of you like to get your hole body muddy and even your face. I like to get muddy in puddles that I can slide in or just sit in. Maybe I would also like to get my T-shirt muddy. But putting my face in mud doesn't appeal to me.

I am looking online on a national website where you can buy second handed clothing. But it is really diificult to find something I like that isn't like 20 and shoes cost even more. But i might already have found a cheap pear of running shoes.

Also it sometimes hard to find nice puddles I can sit in and my legs would fit in. I think I can get quite muddy by sliding in some mud spots too. I don't want to look like some swamp monster.

What were youre first experiecnes and what do you like and would want me to try?

Btw would it be nice to get running leggings muddy with my second handed running shoes and should I also buy cheap new tshirts that cost like 10 to 15€ or just use some of my t-shirts.

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