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Cold Showers

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Posted by Nash on August 15, 2022 at 07:12:08

So... I just watched a youtube video where a bonified doctor extolled the value of cold showers. Yeeeks! I have NEVER wanted a cold shower in my entire life and I never thought I would take one on purpose. But I mean, his list of benefits was compelling. Everything from strengthening and balancing your immune system, lowering joint inflammation and even loosing weight. Most specifically changing one type of fat into another type of fat that is healthier for you. I paused to ponder all those benefits and then thought, "Shame I would never do that." Later on, I recalled the handful of times as a teen I went outside in a cool downpour and let it soak right through my thickest hoodie and jeans. I thought about how wonderfully exhilarating it felt to stand under the down spout and feel that deluge wash over me. I didn't get to do it often because it was rare to get a really heavy rain without a thunderstorm tagging alone or one where the rain wasn't too cold to enjoy. So I piled on a heavy tshirt and my heaviest hoodie. I had my heavy weight Wrangler Wriggs jeans and I got in the shower. Withe the HOT almost shut entirely off, I turned the shower want pointed up and made it rain in the shower for a good 15 to 20 minutes. It felt wonderful and I wasn't uncomfortable at all. Because only a small-ish portion of me was cold at any one time. It just felt generally cool all over and very relaxing. Enjoy!

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