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Thunderstorm Safety

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Posted by Nash on August 15, 2022 at 07:51:10

I may have posted this a couple of years back when it happened but I don't remember doing that so I thought I would post it now.

About 2 years ago in the early fall, I was out on my ATV riding in the mountains when it started to rain, then pour. By this point, I was already thoroughly muddy. I had "fallen off" into several good mud holes and was covered in every shade of mud I could find. But by this point, it was getting dark, I was heading home and it was pouring so hard I was starting to come clean again. With my Carhart winter weight long underwear under my wrangler light blue jeans and formerly gray extra thick microfiber hoodie, I was feeling no pain at all. But I don't like lightning and as anyone will tell you, if you get caught in the middle of a serious thunder storm, the best place for you is in a ditch.

Now riding in the mountains means you seldom get to go in a straight line. You always have to follow the contours of the mountain. And if your not constantly going up and down over hills, then you're going around them. It was while going around one that I suddenly found myself turning into the direction of an oncoming thunder storm. It went from ok there is a storm over that ridge to there's lightning all around me in just a few minutes. I was getting increasingly uncomfortable as the storm grew in violence. I keep riding, all the while looking for a good ditch to hold up in. I dismissed several as unacceptable because they were too "swampie" and looked like they would be full of mosquitoes. After about a minute I got to a familiar mud hole with PLENTY of mud. So I parked the ATV, dived in and had me a good waller for about 30 minute while I waited for the storm to pass. After a good while, The rain lightened and the thunder passed so I was on my way. As I resumed my ride down to the parking lot, the lighter rain continued to bath me all the way down.

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