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Re: Cold Showers

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Posted by Zonie on August 15, 2022 at 15:25:19

In Reply to: Cold Showers posted by Nash on August 15, 2022 at 07:12:08:

This is very interesting in light of something I read many years ago. My father had been a hospital administrator and my paternal grandfather had been a physician, and my father had inherited some of his books when he died, so lying around the house were some old medical books.

One afternoon in my adolescence during the pre-internet days when I was bored I went through some of these old books and started reading from a medical book that was dated 1938. I came across a section on the treatment of obesity. I was rather surprised by this. I'd have thought in 1938 malnutrition was a much greater concern than obesity. Still I was surprised by one of the treatments. The patient was to start each day by taking an ice-water bath to stimulate the metabolism.

Dieting and weight loss had become a major concern in the USA by the 1980's when I read this, and I had heard many forms of advice, including calorie-counting, fad diets, and exercise, but nobody had ever told me that you lose weight by taking an ice-water bath every morning. Once I read that in this old medical textbook I wondered by this method wasn't discussed anymore. I only shrugged and thought that physicians in more recent times must have concluded that it did more harm than good. It's quite fascinating that nearly a century later a physician recommends something similar to the old method.

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