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the old shirt just won't die

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Posted by Zonie on August 21, 2022 at 01:40:12

I slept unusually soundly last night and was up before dawn. Maybe the idea of having a good mud wallow made me wakeful prematurely. I didn't go at the crack of dawn. I vacuumed the pool first. I had neglected it because of all the dust storms, but I figured it had to be done eventually. NWS had given us an 80% chance of rain for today, but they walked it back, and the day itself was dry. There had been a lot of rain at the Reach 11 Recreation Area, so I figured I'd go there. If it rained, so much the better, but I'd make do with the mud we had if not. At least it was partly cloudy to the heat of the sun wasn't quite the problem it had been the time before. It was very humid. NWS said we had a precipitable water vapor in the 99th percentile. That was the basis for their earlier 80% chance forecast.

Since the tan snap-button mudding shirt had torn, I decided I was going to destroy an old semi-white (it's been muddy before) Carhartt work shirt. I wallowed in some very thick mud, but it came out intact and is in the laundry now. It's tough and just won't die.

In the mesquite thicket, I went into a puddle that I thought had a sandy base, so I wasn't terribly enthusiastic, but I felt the side of the channel and found it was heavy clay mud that was very thick and sticky and seemed to be endless. I flung handful after handful on me until I must have been covered several inches thick. I was having such a good time I ended up staying out there nearly seven hours. I don't think I've ever lasted that long mudding in the summer. No snakes encountered, but there were a lot of mosquitoes. Fortunately mud is a good insect repellant.

Eventually I went to an arroyo with a sandy-bottomed puddle and used my hat to repeatedly dump water on me to get most of the mud off. Since they have a concrete patio, I stopped by Pete's Fish and Chips to get something to eat before going home. I suppose I might also have gone to some drive-though window. I was gratified to find that the Gladlock bag did keep my wallet dry, so there were no strange inquiries about money laundering.

I tried to get some weeding in once I got home, but even hosed down the humid heat and the fatigue were too much for me, and I quit fairly early.

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