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Muddy Mayhem

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Posted by LeviLovR on September 04, 2022 at 04:15:06

Today is Saturday, second day of my four day weekend.

So today I chose to get muddy. I went to the 4x4 mud run, the same mud run I went to earlier this year. where I almost got attacked by a dog. Fortunately that didn't happen this time. I like this mud run because of the proximity to home plus I have been there several times in the past and the people know me and don't mind me playing in the mud. In fact they expect it.

It was another beautiful day. It started out cool but warmed up quickly. Todays attire consisted of my well worn brown cowboy boots which are on their last legs. I thought this might be their last outing and I figured I would throw them away after this event, yet they came through it fine and may live to see more wacky wet adventures. Then a pair of Levi 501's. Not the oldest ones I have but not the newest ones either. I prefer button fly when getting muddy because past experiences have taught me zippers can get clogged with mud and stick and become difficult to get open, especially in certain circumstances if you catch my drift. Plus I knew these jeans would also survive to mud again. A brown leather belt. A levis denim shirt that has a tear down at the bottom where the last button hole is. It is gradually getting larger, but not noticable when tucked inside jeans. A navy blue tie that likewise is beginning to come apart and will probably be thrown away. A blue denim suitcoat that I have seldom worn. It's quite heavy denim, more like but it is not jean cut, it's definitely a suit coat. I actually debated wearing a regular jean jacket but decided on this instead. I don't think it was the best choice. It was topped off with a black cowboy hat that has been in the mud before and still managed to retain its shape while having a grayish mud residue that I could never get off it.

I arrived at the venue, paid my entry fee and immediately headed to the open mud bog area. They have a magnificent arena complete with a track, obstacle courses and two long mud pits running parallel to each other where the main events are held but I could care less about all that. The open bog area is where I want to be. Here competitors can just drive their vehicles through any time they want. There are no rules or regulations. People just play and it's all good clean(?) fun.

When I got there no one else was there yet and a not so nice word crossed my lips because it was covered in standing water! Last time it was a nice mud with some water. So I decided to wait for people to come through and churn it up a bit and see what happened. Now this bog is actually in three sections. The two end sections are used and the middle section is really inaccessible, more like a small pond with thick goo on the bottom. Last time a guy wanted me to go out with him on a floatie and I got stuck in that goo and had a hard time extricating myself from it.

Eventually people started showing up and running their vehicles through the "bog" I watched very carefully and things weren't as bad as I thought. The mud spraying up on their clothes was actually clinging and not just running off and the more they stirred it up the better it got. There was one particular spot on the edge that was turning into my version of ideal mud.

Eventually a large group of people who are all friends came in together. They all wore matching tee shirts. Clearly they belong to some sort of club and they are all really nice and friendly and I met them the last time I was there. One guy who was with them was not wearing the shirt with the logo. He looked at me and said, "Aren't you a little overdressed for the occasion?" I just shrugged my shoulders while the others looked at each other knowingly with grins on their faces. Another guy said he was waiting for me to do my thing and one of the ladies asked me if I planned to go in. I said I did and so many people were asking I figured I might as well do it right there and then so I went down to the pit and did a swan dive into the more watery pool of mud. It was indeed much better than I had anticipated and coated me beautiful. I came up a nice even chocolate brown. Plus I felt much cooler as it was beginning to get hot sitting there in the sun.

I went into the mud several times during the day and it was awesome, particularly that little spot on the side. A young boy was out there swimming in the mud and his dad told him that little spot was the best spot and I agreed and jumped in to show him. A young man and his girlfriend drove in on their atv. He was wearing timberland boots, Levis and a ball cap - no shirt. They got off the atv, looked at each other. then ran and dove headlong into the mud. I joined them but they didn't stay very long before running out. His cap had come off and he wasn't aware so I retrieved and tossed it up to him. They would return later in the day and do it again and the young man actually did flips into the mud to the delight of everyone watching. Two guys on atvs came in already coated with mud from head to toe prior to arriving. They were every bit as muddy as I was. Lots of people were getting stuck and had to be towed out. One guy parked next to where I was sitting had a strange looking vehicle he had built himself - sort of a cross between an atv and a tow truck. It was quite high. He decided he would attempt to drive across all three sections of the bog starting at the far end and driving towards us. He was unsuccessful. He had mapped his course and had a great start but ran into a deep hole right before crossing the hump that separated the far section from the middle section. A tsunami ensued with water cascading up into the air and down over his vehicle flooding his engine. One of the two totally muddy guys I mentioned earlier decided to attempt to cross all three sections as well. He made it into the middle section where he bogged down and had to be towed out. However he was successful on his second attempt.

As I said I went into the mud several times, especially into that great little spot with the ideal mud. There was not an inch of me that was not covered and I loved every second of it. My favorite part was walking through the crowd towards the hose down area on the back side of the arena. People were turning, looking at me, laughing and taking pictures. When I arrived on the bac k side of the arena there were two large puddles. Some children were playing in the smaller one but the second one was quite deep and ran practically the whole length of the embankment on that side of the arena. Spectators at the top of the bank were looking, laughing and taking pictures. One man yelled out "show us how you got that muddy" and pointed to the large, deep puddle. So I did! I laid down and swam around in it and then moved to the smaller one where the kids were playing and made some mud angels. Lots of fun and the people got a kick out of it. I finally made it to the hose area and removed my suit coat. The thing that I had not thought about when I selected it this morning was that this particular coat has lots of pockets, both inside and out, and all those pockets filled up with mud. It weighed a ton. It wasn't so bad while I still had it on as the weight was distributed over my entire body, but when I took it off and held it in one hand it was extremely heavy. I laid it over a stump and turned the fire hose on it full force to rinse it off but all the weight of the water made it as heavy as the mud. A young man was there with a hose with a nozzle that had a finer spray and I had him hose me down from head to toe. I left that area a lot cleaner than when I got there. I went back to the open bog to watch the action there and to dry off from the hose down. I did not put the jacket back on and it was a real struggle trying to carry it because of the weight. I kept switching it from one arm to the other and then rolled it into a ball and carried it with both hands.

I finally got back to the open bog area and placed the burdonsome coat on a pile of old lumber and then sat down on the lumber myself to dry off in the warm sun. No one was running through the pit at that time and the majority of the spectators had left. There were only four of us left, including a guy with a mohawk and tattoos on every exposed part of his body - all he was wearing was a pair of shorts. More interesting than that though was the fact he was carrying a large megaphone on one side that was attached to a strap he had thrown over his shoulder. Why I don't know.

Anyway it had been a great day, I had tons of fun and I was about to get up and head home. One of the entrances to this section of the bog comes in from a side road and there is a steep bank there that drops down into the pit about four feet. There is no slope to it at all, it's like a tiny cliff. So I'm reaching for my coat when this young woman on an atv comes streaking down off that side road heading for the pit. I'm thinking she intends to go splashing through the pit at full speed like most of the people had but instead of turning to one side or the other she went right off that steep bank. The front of the atv dropped, she somersaulted off over the front, the atv flipped over from end to end and landed right on top of her. All four of us went running towards her. This was a place where it was quite watery and we all thought she might possibly drown. We all tried to pull the vehicle off her but she actually managed to push it off herself. She stood up and I said, "You're bleeding!" Blood was dripping from her forehead down across her now very muddy face. Hard to tell how deep the cut was but Mohawk Man produced a shirt from somewhere and applied pressure to try and stop the bleeding. Mohawk Man and I got the girl over to a stump and sat her down and tried to assess her injuries while the other two guys pulled her atv out of the pit. Someone produced a bottle of water to rinse off the cut. She also had some on her arm and of course all were covered with mud.I was afraid she might have a concussion. She said it was the metal bars on the back of the atv that had struck her in the head. Fortunately she had no really serious injuries. Two paramedics arrived within moments. They cleaned the wounds and made their initial assessments. We all said she should go to the hospital to be checked out but she refused. The paramedics took her to the nearby ambulance to work on her further. The four of us guys stood there stunned, trying to regain our composure and each giving our version of what we had just witnessed. Frankly I didn't know I could move that fast! After we had all calmed down we went our separate ways. Since I had to walk past the ambulance on my way to the parking area I stopped for one final check to see how she was doing. The paramedics had her pretty well cleaned up by then. She actually had about four cuts on her forehead and one of her elbows was pretty well scraped up. The paramedics assured me she was going to be fine but I think we were all still concerned about a possible concussion. I'd done all I could do so I left, thankful that her injuries had not been more serious.

Two days left to this long weekend. Not sure just what I will do but I know they will be wet and not muddy and hopefully they won't have such exciting endings.

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