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Posted by Mudman on September 05, 2022 at 20:34:09

So this Labor Day weekend I attended Jeepfest in Georgia, mainly for their mud pit. On Saturday they have the mud pit open for any Jeeps that want to try it. You can stand by the fence and get splashed by the flying mud if you want. Of course I did that and got fairly muddy. On Sunday they have the timed runs through the mud with prizes awarded the winners so there is typically mire participation. Once again the splash zone was popular and I hung out there most of the day. This year they also had a guy that hooked up your tow strap if you got stuck- which most folks did. I thought he had the best job there! They always have a foot race through the mud too. Last year when people lined up I was older than everyone by 40 years, and I lost my nerve and backed out. So this year I was prepared for that scenario. Once again I was older than everyone by far, but did it anyway. Finished about mid pack but got totally covered in mud. They did the foit race first then the Jeep races this year. So after the Jeeps ran I walked to the creek tk clean up. Something told me to check by the mud pit again and as I rounded the corner I saw 4 people playing in the mud! My heart raced and I thought about jumping the fence! But I got to the gate and walked through with 2 other people heading for the mud. They were all teenagers except for the tow strap guy who was 20-25. But I jumped right in with them. The deepest part was about waist deep so you could definitely go under and float around. I don't know how much of the wallow time I missed but had a blast in the 15 or 20 minutes I was there. There weren't a whole lot of people watching by now because it started to rain but keep thinking someone will post some pictures! A total muddy blast!

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