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First trip to the beach

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Posted by Ben on August 26, 2020 at 17:11:43

Recently my cousin and I had our first trip to the beach for this summer. We obeyed social distancing rules, his mum dropping him off, my dad dropping me off. We had agreed to meet at a quieter stretch of the beach so we could keep away from other people. We had also agreed to go for two pairs of trousers and two top layers in the sea, as we may not have many opportunities this summer to swim in the sea.
Cousin was wearing a blue t shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. I was wearing a black t shirt and blue Adidas trackies. We walked down the short footpath from the road to the beach (keeping well apart) and then along the beach to a spot that didn’t seem to have too much seaweed. Nobody else was around. We sat down on the beach a few metres away from each other but still close enough to talk.
“We had better not waste any time” I said to Cousin, “we only have two hours before we get picked up again“.
“I’m going in like this first” said Cousin, “it’s the first time I’ve worn these jeans for swimming so I want to see what they look like wet before I put my other trousers on“.
I didn’t want to wear my Adidas trackies in the water as they are new, so I took them off. I had my navy speedo jammers and red Adidas shorts under. I opened my bag, pulled out some grey sweatpants and pulled them on.
“I’ll just go in like this for now then” I told Cousin.
In we went. It was cold at first, but we soon warmed up. We had a ball with us so starting playing catch, which resulted in us getting fully soaked quite quickly. The waves were not too big, but every so often there would be a really big one. We started diving into them, but the waves were pulling my sweatpants down, which made Cousin laugh.
After a while we sat on the beach for a while. Cousin’s black jeans looked really shiny and he said they felt great.
We had both bought a drink and a snack, so decided to have them then. The sun was quite warm, even in our wet clothes.
After a while we decided to go in again.
I opened my bag and pulled out my light blue jeans and my grey sweatshirt. My sweatpants started to ride up my legs as I pulled the jeans on over them. I had to get the jeans on then pull the legs of the sweatpants down. The sweatpants had soaked up a lot of water during our first swim and were wetting the jeans from the inside as I sat there.
Meanwhile Cousin had pulled on a red sports shirt and was busy pulling on some fawn cargo trousers over his black skinny jeans.
We both spent the next hour swimming in our clothes. My jeans felt great with the sweatpants under and looked good too. The sweatpants were showing out the top of them and the red Adidas shorts a bit over the sweatpants.
Cousin’s cargo pants were a bit seethrough, you could see he had something black under them, although you could not tell they were jeans.
All to soon our 2 hours were nearly up. There were no toilets open to change in but there was nobody about. Cousin just took all his clothes off except his swimming shorts, I did the same except for my jammers, then we changed behind our towels. (there were a few people passing every now and then , walking dogs etc).
When we got back to the end of the footpath my aunt was already waiting for Cousin, my dad arrived soon after. A great wet day, hope we can do it again soon.

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