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Re: Pe at school

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Posted by Anonymous on July 28, 2021 at 06:48:45

In Reply to: Pe at school posted by Mrb1972 on July 25, 2021 at 22:22:24:

In my freshman year of high school, all the boys showed up for PE one day in our "normal" PE outfits (we had PE separate from the girls - not sure if that's still the norm or not) and our teacher was just standing there looking at us with his hands on his hips.

I should note a couple of things before proceeding. At this time, our teachers were on strike - they were "working to rule" and doing only classes and nothing else, so some of their communication lacked... We also had "2" PE teachers; one for the first half of the year and one for the second half (this is part of what they were on strike about - splitting classes). This particular day just happened to be the changeover day between the first half teacher and second half teacher, so what could go wrong? (lol)

Since the teachers wanted nothing to do with the school/school board due to the strike, they had refused to hand out branded PE clothes, so we were all supposed to dedicate a set of clothing. But since the teachers weren't enforcing that, some (many) students typically kept the same shirt on all day (trust me, with the state of the strike at that time, it didn't particularly matter, ha ha). I had a dedicated plain white t-shirt and white shorts. A good friend of mine, I'll call him N, also had white shorts which were his dedicated pair, but he had forgotten his shirt so had on a black t-shirt with a design on front that he intended to wear all day.

Now what made this amusing incident even more interesting was that this second half PE teacher (Mr. P) was my regular science class teacher, whom I (well, most of us) had in second period everyday (first period was PE). I mean, we all knew this was happening so it wasn't a surprise to see him, but when he was just standing there looking at us we all knew something was up.

After about a minute of Mr. P looking at us, he said "uh, Mr. T tell you about swimming this week?".

No, he hadn't. And due to all the mess of the strike, nobody thought to tell us outside of class either. So none of us were dressed for the pool. I had already been interested in wet clothes for a few years and never had the courage to ask anyone if they could just get wet as it would seem odd, so I thought about trying to use this as my chance.

Mr. P told us "well, it's in the curriculum and we have to follow it to the T, so we are going to the pool. You'll just have to swim in what you're wearing."

After a bunch of "But Mr. P, my shorts will get wet" or "uh, Mr. P, these aren't swim shorts" garbage, Mr. P said "well too bad" and we all went to the pool.

I talked to my friend N and convinced him to leave his shirt on in the pool. Then I spoke with another friend, X, who was one of the guys I'd always wanted to see wet, and told him I'd get my whole kit wet if he would too, and that N was already doing it. To my surprise, he said "you're on". We got to the pool and Mr. P told us to jump in and swim to the other side. I kicked my shoes off (didn't want to push my luck) and dove in, so didn't see what was going on behind me. I started swimming when N and X had caught up to me. X was definitely wearing his red sleeveless shirt and black basketball shorts, and N was in his white shorts and black shirt. We swam to the other end and back, when I heard some commotion.

"X!, hey, what on earth are you doing?" yelled Mr. P.

"Uh, doing what you told me to do. Swimming in what I'm wearing," said X.

"Get out, now!" said Mr. P.

Then, I immediately realized what X had done, much to my extreme surprise. He had worn his huge skate shoes into the pool. He got out and they squelched everywhere. He pulled his shirt away from being stuck to his body, lifted his heels to squelch water out of his shoes (which made flipping awesome sounds, by the way), and brushed his hand through his hair. Let me say that I'm glad I was in the pool when this happened or I would have been showing everything to everyone quite quickly. N looked at me and said, "well, Mr. P did say to wear what we were wearing, so it's not his fault". I smiled, a bit sheepishly.

After Mr. P chewed out X, X kept saying that his shoes are already wet, so he should just keep wearing them and "they're not going to get any wetter". Mr. P didn't punish X because he did say "swim in what you're wearing".

Anyway, we finished the class and N and I got out of the pool. N's shoes had been splashed a bit, but weren't by any means soaked, and mine were fine - completely dry. X still had his on and he came over to me. "Hey, you said you'd do the same thing, but you didn't wear your shoes! Why would you go in the pool with clothes on if you're not going to go all the way?" X said.

I just had to resign myself to the fact that I was "showing" and lived with it. N looked at me (not down there) and said "I'll jump in with my shoes on if you do". That was all I needed.

So my best friend, and one of my classmates, had just gotten completely soaked, including our shoes, in the school pool, without a change of clothes. Well, I had another shirt and pants, but no additional underwear, socks, nor shoes. N didn't have a spare shirt plus the same as me, and X "claimed" to not have pants to change into either.

Our next class with the same teacher was interesting. Everyone knew when the three of us walked in because all you could hear was squelch, squelch, squelch.

I later found out that X is one of us. N is not, but didn't really care. X said he LOVED getting soaked - more for the thrill of doing something you're not supposed to do, but is otherwise harmless. We became good friends. I'm still in touch with him today, even though we both now have families. He always tries to find ways to get wet, although he said he doesn't get the same thrill out of getting wet anymore. He and I both figured it was our teenage hormones, because I feel the same way. I still do love getting wet (why else would I write here), but not nearly like I used to.

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