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Re: Pe at school

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Posted by Anonymous on July 29, 2021 at 02:54:45

In Reply to: Re: Pe at school posted by Anonymous on July 28, 2021 at 06:48:45:

I missed a kind of important detail.

Mr. P didn't notice when N and myself got in with our shoes on since he was too pre-occupied with strike-related thoughts. He was, by this point, just sitting over in the corner reading the paper.

He did of course know our shoes were wet - it was kind of obvious during period 2, but he just thought we splashed them or something. He didn't want to do any paperwork anyway so just probably ignored it.


On another note, I should also say that X's shoes were new. He told me later that he loved unboxing shoes either in the shower or bath, and that these hadn't been "broken in" yet, which he was going to do that night anyway.

X and I had so much fun all through high school getting wet that I think one of his pairs of shoes and one of mine only knew how to squelch when walking. All the clothes in our drawers and closets had been soaked at least once (even suits!). His parents never said a word and even encouraged him at times. While mine did mostly make fun of me for it, they chalked it up to being a teenage boy.

Apparently N got in a lot of trouble at home for soaking his shoes that day, however.

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