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Re: Wet In Karate Suit

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Posted by Robert on December 26, 2021 at 21:16:36

In Reply to: Re: Wet In Karate Suit posted by Wet Dude on December 21, 2021 at 16:46:54:

Sorry I missed this, I don't check the Sports Pool as often.

I took up karate to learn how to fight back against bullies, ha ha. I was always bigger than then, but much less confident. Yes, the boys and my wife know I used to be in karate :).

I don't jump in when I get wet - I prefer the slow wetting. Except for shoes, I prefer to have the instant soak feeling that is actually delayed by half a second when you plunge in - and the bubbling - fudging awesome.

I got all the way up to what we called "high brown belt" in our system - I had a brown belt with 2 stripes. I would have gotten to black had I not gotten injured (I didn't get injured from karate - it was from something else) - I had the test scheduled, and had done all the rest of the stuff, but then my silly injury took hold. Then I moved away and never took it up again. Our system was very new and was created by our club's founder as a combination of two official systems (I honestly forget the real name he gave it, ha ha). Because he was the only real black belt, and I was the only student that left the original club with him (my "sensei" and I used to attend a different club that was a different system - I only got as far as low green (green with no stripes) in that one before moving onto this new one, I ended up being kind of a co-sensei especially with the kids (since I was a teen) and led the group when he couldn't be there. I only started leading when I became mid-brown (brown with one stripe), however.

Thanks for the challenge, maybe we'll try it. None of us are in karate now and I don't really want to buy gis just for this, however. But we might try it some other way :).

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