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Outdoor Pools

Outdoor pools face different challenges than indoor pools. They need more powerful filter systems to take out grass, leaves, insects, bird droppings, feathers and more.

Sunburn is a high risk due to the reflection from the water. Swimmers are advised to wear sun protective clothes instead of polluting the pool with sun lotion. All this opens up a wider choice of swimwear.

When you stay at an outdoor pool for several hours, keeping warm and and safe in the sun become more important. A long sleeve top and long beach pants have a lot of advantages over the usual swimsuit. A poncho or cape make a good warm-up shelter while on poolside.

Keep Warm

Do you notice how your family starts shivering after a while in the water? Maybe they are not dressed warm enough for the location. Full length swimwear keeps you warmer, unless it's cotton.

Windbreaker anoraks over a thermal top with matching pants are the smart choice to keep warm, lightweight and quick drying.

These clothes feel comfy in the water and can look way cool if you pick the right kit. It may slow you down a little, but at least you won't be cold or sunburned like the dork over the sun deck.

windbreaker anorak as modest swimwear in pool
Windbreakers feel good in outdoor pools, sun protection with a comfy loose fit.
windbreaker anorak as modest swimwear in pool